The 4 Most Common Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Lawyers are used to seeing a wide array of claims and cases. It is their job to fight on behalf of their client, which can often involve asking for compensation. One of the most common types of lawsuits out there today is personal injury lawsuits. Lawyers that deal with these kinds of lawsuits tend to stay pretty busy as there are several common personal injuries.

Curious as to why you may need a personal injury lawyer? Here are four common types of personal injury lawsuits across the country.

Slip and Fall Accidents – Among the Most Common

A slip and fall can happen at any time, and while most cases may be relatively minor, some accidents can lead to serious injuries. Injuries can be so serious that they impact the injured party in the long run, resulting in continuous medical care, an inability to work and an inability to go about their daily routine.

While slip and fall accidents are common in bad weather that isn’t the only time they can occur. Should a person have this type of accident on private or public property, they can file for compensation. The best advice for anyone that has a slip and fall is to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Just be sure to choose one that is local to you. If you live in Allentown, PA then you want to seek out Allentown personal injuries lawyers.

Vehicle Accident – More Common Than You May Think

Another common type of personal injury lawsuit is after a vehicle accident where the person injured was not at fault. Vehicle accidents are unfortunately much more common than you may think. Here in the United States, there are approximately 5.25 million vehicle accidents each year, which is a staggering amount. It is no wonder this is such a common type of personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury lawyer can take a lot of the stress out since they will be the ones dealing with the insurance and all the paperwork. This allows the injured party to focus on their recovery.

Medical Malpractice – Injuries Sustained Due to Negligence

When you visit a doctor you think about how the doctor can help you and ensure your health is a priority. This is why it’s so hard to stomach that in some cases medical malpractice can occur and a person can sustain injuries due to negligence on the doctor’s part.

Product Liability – Products Can Cause Injuries

And then there are the product liability lawsuits wherein a person is injured due to a product malfunctioning or being defective. These types of cases can be complex as not all products and injuries are included.

Sustaining a personal injury isn’t something that you plan on and in many cases it’s unavoidable. When the injury is sustained due to negligence on another person, party’s or entity’s fault, however, there may be a strong case for a personal injury lawsuit. This is why it makes sense to speak to a lawyer and learn your options.