The Continuing Case For Securities Litigation Reform

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Every Case Tells A Story: The Five Stages Of Civil Litigation

As the principal beneficiaries of the system, they encourage pointless litigation and do their finest to protect the status quo. Both absolutely the and the relative monetary positions of disputing parties are sometimes relevant. A plaintiff’s precarious financial condition can improve its want for a fast resolution however can also cause it to carry out to the very end for a potentially massive jury verdict.

The Role Of The Litigation Attorney

The course it chooses will depend upon how it perceives the power of its declare but additionally on just how exhausting its creditors are respiration down its neck. A financially strapped defendant is more likely to profit from delay if it sees actual power in the different facet’s claim, particularly if relevant law does not provide for prejudgment curiosity on the courtroom’s award.

Americans, they argue, are too litigious, given to filing lawsuits nearly as a reflex action in response to any perceived mistaken. Juries are too susceptible to attorneys’ methods and too likely to attain irrational verdicts against defendants with deep pockets.

Sometimes clients consult with us who are already within the court process or who have already been served with court papers, and require an lawyer to help them navigate the court course of and protect their pursuits. The litigation process just isn’t all the time by choice, and clients are sometimes fearful that litigation will enhance the extent of battle and price to the events.… Read More

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