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In 2015 a school student won a $25,000 settlement after he was detained by the TSA for carrying Arabic flash playing cards. EPIC has pursued litigation in opposition to invasive airport screening techniques.

Circuit ruled that TSA violated federal regulation when it put in physique scanners in airports with out public comment. The company said on the time that the body scanner program was elective. The Court additionally concluded because “any passenger could decide-out of AIT screening in favor of a patdown” there was no violation of the Fourth Amendment. EPIC Sues TSA to Block Mandatory Body Scanners at US Airports » (May. 2, 2016)EPIC has filed a lawsuit difficult the Transportation Security Administration’s regulation for airport physique scanners.

In 2011, EPIC challenged the intrusive and ineffective TSA screening procedure. EPIC’s new lawsuit challenges the regulation as a result of it “denies passengers the best to choose out” of physique scanner screening. EPIC also challenged the effectiveness of airport physique scanners and the TSA’s failure to advocate much less invasive security screening. TSA Proposal to Inspect Books at US Airports Raises First Amendment Concerns » (Jun. 27, 2017)The TSA is considering a requirement to take away books from carry-on luggage for inspection throughout security screenings. The procedure raises issues that people could also be singled out for their religious and political views, implicating core First Amendment values.

In EPIC v. DHS, EPIC successfully sued to require the Department of Homeland Security to obtain public comment on the usage of physique scanners in U.S. airports. The litigation also led to the removing the backscatter x-ray gadgets from airports. EPIC recently filed a FOIA request to determine why US travelers returning to the United States are subject to biometric identification.

The TSA announcement came practically 5 years after a federal appeals court docket ordered the agency to “promptly” solicit public comments on the controversial screening procedure. Public feedback overwhelmingly favored less invasive security screenings. But the TSA determined it may now mandate body scanners at US airports.

The courtroom discovered that EPIC had “substantially prevailed” in the FOIA lawsuit and that “EPIC has demonstrated a public benefit arising from the disclosed data.” EPIC has a number of related FOIA lawsuits concerning new methods of mass surveillance. For extra info, see EPIC v. DHS (Mobile Body Scanners FOIA Lawsuit). EPIC, Coalition Call for Congressional Hearings on Unlawful TSA Mandate for Body Scanners » (Jan. thirteen, 2016)EPIC and 25 organizations have urged Congress to carry a hearing on TSA’s decision to finish the opt-out for airport physique scanners. Dozens of organizations petitioned the DHS secretary in 2010 to solicit public comments on the original program.