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Past opinions shall be cited solely to the extent that they are relevant to the authorized issues addressed in the latter opinion. As the Court’s agenda adjustments, totally different cases might be extra related and cited more usually. A research of state supreme courts found related evidence of the depreciation of precedents.

Due to their causing an abrupt change to the legal establishment, one would count on that they’d be more central cases within the network of regulation than instances that do not overrule precedent. We supply a scientific test of this speculation under, and here we simply report the average legal relevance between these two types of cases.

Cases that make the Congressional Quarterly or Oxford lists of necessary decisions have a mean legal relevance rating in the 89th percentile for all opinions; those not on the lists have a imply rating within the forty seventh percentile, a statistically significant distinction. However, there are particular person circumstances the place the significance assessments differ. Consider, for example, the difference in the significance between instances that overrule precedent and people that do not. Overruling instances are typically thought-about to be salient and important choices within the Court’s total jurisprudence.

Because they cited and relied upon Roe of their decisions, Roe gets some credit score for his or her citations and has the next authorized relevance rating than do the later decisions. Intuitively, Roe appears the more important determination, and the legal relevance rating subsequently appears to raised seize the importance of the opinions.

The prime instances for authorized relevance scores are set forth in Table four. We notice that the legal relevance scores are measured as a percentile.

Supreme Court precedents depreciated extra slowly than those of circuit courts, which was ascribed to their broader generality. Yet the latter two opinions had been the progeny of Roe and will not have existed absent the sooner opinion in Roe.

Figure 5 exhibits that for nearly the whole vary of the age of precedent, circumstances that overrule precedent are extra important than instances that don’t. We additionally see that overruling circumstances purchase importance more quickly than their non-overruling counterparts, and this legal status advantage does not disappear until an overruling case is almost fifty-seven years old.